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    On this page describes the technical lessons on Photoshop.

Technical lessons
Adobe Photoshop

1. How to set brush in Photoshop?

        To install a brush in Photoshop, choose the Brush tool, then at the top of the Properties pane, click on the small triangle in the upper right (on the image - Step 2). When you fall menu from which we select Load brushes , brushes appear in the list of brushes. How to do this is shown:

    You can define brushes yourself. For example, draw something or open a photo or a picture, then select Edit - Define brushes . Brush appears in the list of brushes.

Similarly sets  SHAPES and STYLES.

    In order to establish shapes choose an instrument of arbitrary figure, it is the same place where a rectangle and a circle, it looks like this , and at the top of the Properties pane, click on the little figures in the upper right triangle (on the image - Step 2) and zagruzt form. The picture below shows how to do:

    To set styles choose an instrument of arbitrary shape or a rectangle or ellipse, and at the top of the Properties pane, click the button selection of styles, then click on the little triangle on the right (on the image - Step 2) and select Load styles . New styles appear in the list of styles. How to do this is shown below:

2. How to install fonts in Photoshop?

   To install the fonts you need to go to Start - Control Panel, find the folder fonts,open it, then select File - Install New Font. Fonts appear automatically in Photoshop, and MS OFFICE WORD.

3. How to set the pattern and how to use them?

      Set the texture is very easy. If you download the pattern right mouse click - "Save Image", then it is you will have format jpeg, gif or png and to load it you need to open it in Photoshop and in the top menu select "Edit" - " Define pattern ". If you download pattern in the form type pattern.pat, then load a pattern in Photoshop can be as follows: If you have a document open, click 2 times on any layer in the layers window, you open the window "Layer Style" (open it, you can also right-click on the layer in the layers window and select Blending Options . In the window that you need to put a bird on the overlap of the pattern "- Pattern overlay (on the image effect 1) and follow the steps further on the figure:

With the help of patterns you can create, for example, various picture frames. Example of creating frames using patterns is described below.

It is utilized to create a framework for the following texture:

4. What is ACTIONS and how to load them to Photoshop?
ACTIONS allows to transform photos into different shapes. Here's an example of acion Cube, which converts the photo into a cube:

To download Acao you must first open the tab Actions. To do this, click Windows - Actions or in a window with the history tab, click on Actions . Then you need to click on the small triangle in the upper right and select Load actions, the illustration shows how to do it.

To USE the action open your image. Then in the Actions tab, choose the downloaded your action and then follow the steps shown on the image:

1 - click on the triangle;
2 - choose from the list of the first line with the name of action;
3 - click on the Play button at the bottom.
The program will automatically perform actions on the screen you'll see what happens to all pop-up questions are answered Yes, OK or Continue. Within seconds the image will be ready.


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